Over 45 years of Manufacturing Excellence. Success Stories. Innovations.

With over 900+ staff across Lancashire, Merseyside, Yorkshire, Dorset and the West Midlands, WEC Group comprises of 15 manufacturing companies specialising in individual areas of engineering & fabrication.

Spanning across 600,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing floorspace, WEC Group is well placed to meet any engineering requirement and provides services across a broad range of industries such as Nuclear, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Defence, Rail and Marine.

Established for over 40 years, we have grown from a small welding & fabrication shop operating from a makeshift shed in Darwen, Lancashire to one of the largest contract manufacturing companies in Europe - supplying OEMs and small businesses alike.

WEC Group operates within ISO 9001:2015 requirements, is AS/EN 9100 Aerospace Accredited for CNC Machining, works to ASME IX Coded Welding Standards and has achieved full compliance with BS/EN 1090-1 Structural Steel CE Marking - demonstrating our ability to consistently deliver high quality products conforming to customer demands and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. This endorses our commitment to the quality of our work, products, systems, procedures and service.

Apprenticeships are at the heart of our continued growth and success and the WEC Group Training Academy is the only one of its kind in the UK. A member of The AWFTE - (Association of Welding & Fabrication Training & Education) and a TWI (The Welding Institute) certified welder training centre, our internal Apprentice Training Academy provide individuals with the skills and qualifications required to carve out a career in Engineering. We offer advanced five year apprenticeships in welding/fabrication, CNC machining and laser cutting/press brake operating and over 150 apprentices have come through the doors of our Academy since 2006.


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