Tube, Box Section & Open Profile Laser Cutting

WEC Laser provide quality subcontract laser cutting of tube, box section and most open profiles such as angle and channel.

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Our state-of-the-art tube lasers enable us to provide tube and box section cutting up to a maximum envelope size of up to 220mm diameter, 8.5m length and 12mm thick for mild steel tubes, 8mm thick for stainless steel and 8mm thick for Aluminium tubes. Thanks to investment in the very latest fibre tube laser cutting technology, we can also cut brass tubes up to 8mm thickness and Copper tubes up to 5mm thick.

We now also have the ability to cut special shaped tubes and open sections without problems.

With three in-house tube laser cutting machines working around the clock, we have the ability to cut tubes and profiles with large diameters and wall thicknesses without sacrificing quality or productivity.

Our laser tube cutting machines cuts complex contours without touching the tube, producing a quality, scratch free component. Thanks to investments in the latest state-of-the-art laser cutting machinery, there is virtually no refinishing required.

Please view our full Capacity List for more information on our tube laser cutting capabilities.

Laser Tube Cutting Services:

For tube cutting enquiries, please contact us on:
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