High Definition Plasma Cutting with Bevel Capability

High definition plasma cutting is an efficient profiling method for stainless steel, mild/carbon steels and aluminium components.

The plasma cutting process involves an electrically charged gas stream (plasma) which is accelerated through a small hole at high speed in order to cut material accurately.

Our state-of-the-art plasma cutting machine has a large format cutting area of 25m x 5m as well as twin head cutting capability, enabling us to provide a high-speed and cost effective plasma cutting service for components up to 50mm thick.

With two cutting heads, we have the capability to cut both chamfers up to +/- 40 degrees.

Advantages of Plasma Cutting

  • Rapid cutting speed
  • Ability to cut through a wide range of materials and thicknesses
  • HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) is narrow

Recent developments in high definition plasma cutting processes has significantly improved the quality and precision, eliminating the need for edge dressing.

MTL's in-house plasma cutting machine is CNC operated to produce clean, accurate and sharp cuts.

For plasma cutting enquiries, please contact us on:
T: 0114 261 7979
E: mtl@wecl.co.uk