CNC Machining Services (AS9100 Accredited)

WEC Machining Ltd offer a wide range of subcontract multi-axis CNC machining and precision engineering services.

Operating from a purpose built 33,000 sq. ft. production facility in Blackburn, Lancashire, we have over 35 CNC machining centres and lathes in-house and manufacture precision machined components and assemblies to customer specifications. WEC Machining carries out entire projects under one roof to provide a fast, comprehensive and cost-effective service as well as meeting the challenging specifications and schedules called for by our customers.

CNC Milling & Turning

With a CNC milling capability of up to 11.5 metres in length alongside the use of Horizontal Pallet Loaders, we are able to offer our customers the most cost-effective batch manufacturing. Our CNC Lathes with both driven tooling and sub-spindle options enable us to provide a turning capacity of up to 3.8 metres in length, 950mm diameter.

In addition, our 5 axis CNC Mill Turn Centre has the capability to machine complex parts in one hit, keeping programming and downtime to an absolute minimum.

Sliding Head Turning

To complement our CNC milling and turning capacity, we have three sliding head lathes with 3 metre bar feed to enable us to machine large batches of small turned parts at very competitive rates.

CNC Machining Capacity

QTY Machine Dia Length Bar Feed Driven Tools
1 Hankook Fanuc CNC Turning Centre 950mm 3845mm    
1 Mazak 350MY CNC Turning Centre 480mm 1583mm 85mm 12
1 Mazak Quickturn Smart 300M 420mm 1250mm   12
1 Mazak 200MS (sub-spindle) CNC Turning Centre 380mm 750mm 65mm 12
1 Doosan 280M 280mm 658mm 76mm 12
1 Mazak QT 15N CNC Lathe 150mm 250mm 50.8mm  
1 Mazak Nexus 100 CNC Lathe 160mm 252mm 50.8mm YES
1 Mazak QT 200MSY CNC Turning Centre 380mm 575mm 63.5mm YES
1 Mazak SQT 15M CNC Lathe 300mm 500mm 50.8mm YES
1 Mazak QT 20H-P CNC Lathe 440mm 429mm    
1 Mazak QT30 CNC Lathe 300mm 1000mm    
1 SQT15M CNC Lathe 300mm 500mm    
hankook large CNC Turning lathe Mazak 350MY CNC turning lathe Doosan 280 CNC Turning Lathe
QTY Machine X Y Z
1 Correa Axia floor-type Milling Machines 11500mm 1500mm 2500mm + 450mm
2 Correa Axia floor-type Milling Machines 10000mm 1500mm 2000mm+450mm
1 Asquith Butler Power Centre 500 horizontal machining centre 8000mm 1500mm 2000mm
1 Hartford PRO3150 Blockbuster Heavy Duty CNC Gantry Machining Centre 3060mm 1560mm 780mm
1 MTE BF-3200 Universal Machining Centre 3000mm 1250mm 1500mm
2 CME Model FCM3000 CNC Bed Milling Machine 3000mm 1200mm 2000mm
1 Mazak FJV 35/60 II Centre 2240mm 880mm 650mm
1 HAAS VF-9/40 Vertical CNC Machining Centre 2134mm 1016mm 762mm
1 CME Model FS2 CNC Bed Milling Machine 2000mm 1200mm 2000mm
1 Awea VP12 CNC Gantry Machining Centre 2000mm 1200mm 760mm
1 Hartford Machining Centre 2000mm 800mm 660mm
1 HAAS VF-6/40SS Vertical CNC Machining Centre 1526mm 813mm 762mm
1 Mazak VT C 20 CNC Machining Centre 1660mm 510mm 640mm
1 HAAS VF-4SS Vertical CNC Machining Centre 1270mm 508mm 635mm
2 HAAS VF-4 Vertical CNC Machining Centre 1270mm 508mm 635mm
3 Hartford Pro 1000 Heavy Duty CNC Vertical Milling Machining Centre 1000mm 600mm 630mm
1 Mazak HCN 5000 CNC Machining Centre, Twin Pallet 500mm x 500mm 700mm 700mm 700mm
1 HAAS VF-1 Vertical CNC Machining Centre 508mm 406mm 508mm
Correa Axia Large CNC Milling Centre Haas Vertical CNC Machining Centre Mazak CNC Milling Centre
QTY Machine DIA Length
1 Mazak Integrex 300Y CNC Mill Turn Centre 500mm 900mm
1 Mazak Integrex 200 IVS 250mm 700mm
Mazak Integrex Mill/Turn Centre
QTY Machine DIA Bar Feed
3 Citizen Miyano Multi Spindle/Multi Axis Sliding Head Lathe 64mm 3m
1 Citizen M32 7 Axis Sliding Head Lathe 32mm 3m
1 Citizen L32 VIII Sliding Head Lathe 32mm 3m
Sliding Head turning lathe

For CNC Machining enquiries, please contact us on:
T: 01254 700222