WEC Group is proud to be a registered partner of the Year of Engineering.

The Year of Engineering is a government campaign, which celebrates the world and wonder of Engineering. From spaceships to ice skates, the bubbles in chocolate bars to life saving cancer treatment, Engineering touches every part of our lives. However, not enough young people – especially young girls – think it’s a world for them.

The campaign aims to inspire young people aged 7-16, their parents and teachers to encourage them to take a closer look at Engineering.

As a registered partner, WEC Group is proud to work towards this endeavour along with the likes of Rolls-Royce, the Royal Navy, the British Army, World Skills UK, Boeing and Ford.

With our own previous experience of the skills gap within Engineering, WEC Group heavily invest in the future of Engineering by providing apprenticeships for an ever increasing amount of young people across the UK. Through more apprenticeships, open days, social media campaigns, events and further initiatives throughout 2018, WEC Group aims to inspire the next generation of engineers and to keep Engineering centre stage throughout 2018.

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