m-tec's new Trinity Mirror Sculpture

A huge well done to m-tec and all involved in the fabrication of the new 'Trinity Mirror' Sculpture based in Irvine, Scotland.

The 9 metre mirror polished stainless steel sculpture stands proud in the newly re-developed main shopping area of Irvine town centre, and is a focal point to the regeneration of the town. The sculpture has granite text in lain into the ground below which is written in reverse, however when you look at the mirror finish on the Trinity mirror you can read about the history of the Town of Irvine and some of the famous people who have been to this historic Town.

The project was a joint venture between Artist Peter MCcaughey, Irvine Bay Regeneration, Land Engineering and m-tec who fabricated, polished and installed the Sculpture.

Tom Elliot, m-tec's General Manager has said "We were proud to be part of this exiting sculpture project and everyone involved was very satisfied with the final result. m-tec would like to thank everyone involved in the project for their support and expertise in the production of this stunning sculpture".