WEC Group Invests in Brand New Fibre Laser Cutting Technology

The WEC Group have once again demonstrated that they are continuing to grow in both capacity and service with the acquisition of a brand new, state-of-the-art Fibre laser cutting machine.

The new machine will increase the companies laser cutting capacity in general for traditional materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium; although will also enable the company to cut new materials including Brass, Copper and other non-ferrous metals up to 6mm, several of which before now the company was unable to cut.

WEC Group are continuously searching for ways to become greener, and are impressed by the new machines improved eco-friendly operation, the laser operates around ten times more efficiently than a gas alternative and uses little to no energy when inactive. Furthermore, the fibre laser does not require the use of laser gas to operate which reduces the emission of environmentally harmful by-products.

The Fibre laser is a means of expanding the capabilities and services WEC Laser can offer, increasing capacity and increasing the company's overall productivity.