Bespoke Stainless Steel Outdoor Seating for ITV Fabricated by WEC Group

WEC Group has fabricated a stainless steel outdoor seating installation for ITV's new Media City home in Salford, which allows staff and the public to interact with a logo sitting on the top of the ITV building.

The 16m long stainless steel 'ribbon' was inspired by the curved form of ITV's new logo, twisting and turning to create different seating spaces. The installation sits in the piazza area of Media City in front of the ITV building, a space open to staff and the general public.

Seating, 'lean-to bar-like spaces' and reclining spaces have all been fashioned from the sculpture and have all been tested for ergonomic comfort. Anti-skateboard nodules have been developed and added to the side of the sculpture so it is not misused.

The underside of the sculpture is painted in the ITV colour palette to give flashes of colour, and at the end of the ribbon an interactive terminal with a touch-screen displays a colour wheel. People are encouraged to customise the ITV logo by filling the colour wheel with different colour combinations, and bespoke software means that Hue Saturation and Lightness (HSL) values can change the red, green and blue LED lights in the logo.

When they are happy with their final design it is transmitted to the 5m high ITV logo on the top of the building in front of them. LED lights inside the logo instantly change to match the design, which can also be uploaded to Facebook or tweeted.