A Striking Piece of Artwork created by m-tec is Turning Heads in Nigeria!

The dramatic five-metre diameter globe was created by the company's m-tec division which specialises in architectural metalwork fabrication and is the latest in a series of high-profile projects it has been commissioned to create.

It now stands on a prominent roundabout in the Nigerian city of Uyo, which is in south-eastern Nigeria and is the capital of Akwa Ibom, a major oil-producing state.

The shining stainless steel globe, which was fabricated by m-tec in Darwen, is tilted to 23.5 degrees and it rotates by a hydraulic motor.

M-tec's stunning work can be seen in towns and cities across the UK – but this is the first piece of artwork it has delivered to Africa.

It took 19 days for the distinctive piece of artwork to reach its destination and after arriving by sea in the capital Lagos it was shipped by road from one side of the African country to another.

The globe was created for South Yorkshire-based procurement company Branton Knight, which has been working on the city's redevelopment and road remodelling project for five years, supplying construction and civil engineering materials.

The sculpture was commissioned by the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Works and Transport and members of the m-tec team were involved in its installation near to the State Governor's Lodge.

Tom Elliot, the divisional manager of m-tec, which is one of Darwen-based WEC Group's 12 divisions, said: "This is our first contract for the African market and we are delighted with the finished product and the impact it is having in its new home.

"The globe looks absolutely stunning and has already become a major local landmark.

"It looks particularly amazing at night-time when it is lit by blue LED floodlights."

"The globe is the latest in a series of high-profile artwork which m-tec has been commissioned to create and, as with all our projects, our skills in high-quality architectural fabrication stand out."

Other projects carried out by m-tec include the distinctive Airbust sculptures which can now been seen at various BAE Systems operations across the UK and the Darwen Spitfire Memorial in WEC Group's home town.

This was a non-commercial project jointly accomplished with WEC's own apprentice academy and resulted in a stunning piece of architectural metalwork.

WEC Group is one of the largest engineering and fabrication companies in the UK with a turnover of more than £35 million and 425 employees.

WEC carries out fabrication work for industries ranging from rail to offshore oil and gas extraction.

Its manufacturing ranges from footbridges and bus frames, to log-fired stoves and street furniture across 12 divisions and with operations in its home town of Darwen as well as Blackburn, Knowsley on Merseyside and Leeds.

The privately owned group, which is the largest subcontract engineering company in the North West, was founded in 1979 by business partners Steve Hartley and Ross Place.